Quick Deck Update

Bathroom progress is going slowly – there hasn’t really been anything exciting enough to blog about, but I should have something later this week :-)

In the meantime, I’ve been making some other small changes around the house.

A few weeks back, I saw an amazing outdoor rug on One Kings Lane and it was a lot less expensive than a similar one on another website.  Our deck can be a little bland, and it’s badly in need of being re-decked (replacing the pieces that you walk on).  But that’s next year’s project.  Until then, I’ll get some pretty band-aids for it, and they’ll just help it be that more amazing after we fix it up.

Ala Moana, Blue/Green

It has a lot of colors in it that we already have in our living room, which opens onto the deck.  The navy is a “new” color for the main floor, so it’s a little different, but the lime green, brown, and light blue/aqua color would tie the spaces together.  We also already have a navy umbrella, so it would work with that.

Once Brandon gave his okay, I ordered the rug and then waited with bated breath for it to arrive – I love having packages show up on my doorstep…it’s seriously awesome.

Around the same time, I asked my mom to make me some outdoor pillows.  I had found some fabric at Joann’s, and then Lady found some more, so she made me four different pillows.  Each pillow has different fabric on both sides, so I can constantly be changing up the look on the deck – how fun is that?

My last small update was fixing our plant issue.  Back in the early part of the summer, I decided that I wanted some plants for the table on the deck (our deck furniture was from IKEA last year – the stuff they had this year looked a lot nicer though).  I figured they’d add some color and cheer up the space…this was before we had the rug or the pillows, so it was definitely a little drab.  And they did – for a few weeks.  Then the hot summer sun and my general neglect got to them (the only plants I “baby” are the hydrangeas in the front yard, and that’s because they were a shower present before the our wedding).  Then they looked like this for a month or so.

This was obviously right after it rained, so the table and chairs looked all shiny and gorgeous – like in the reveals they do on Yard Crashers.  In real life, it needs a new coat of stain – but that will be a project to tackle over the fall.

Since the real plants weren’t cutting it, it was time to bring in the big guns – specifically fake plants that look good.  IKEA has an amazing selection of faux plants, and I have them sprinkled throughout the house where real plants just don’t survive.  I figure that I have enough real plants that people will just assume the fake ones are real too – and now that secret’s out.

I dumped out the old plants and soil, rinsed out the inside of the pots, which are also from IKEA, and dropped my new plants in.  The leaves on these are more “plasticy” than the ones I have in the house, but since they’ll be getting wet, I figured they’d last longer if they didn’t actually hold onto the moisture.

Don’t they look happier and healthier?  I love it!

And now a shot with all of the pillows and the rug in place.

I think it looks rather cheerful, don’t you?  We only pull out the umbrella when we’re sitting on the deck so that it doesn’t get all faded and gross.  The pillows also come inside so that they last as long as possible.  I’d do the same thing for the rug, but that’s just asking for trouble – so it lives outside.  So do my new plants.  Over the winter, the furniture, rug, and umbrella/stand will get put in the shed (you can see it in the background of the last photo).  It should just barely fit, but we’ll make it work.  I’m not quite sure where the pillows or the plants will go, but I’m sure they’ll find a place to hibernate somewhere.

Have you guys been working on any quick updates to your home?  Do you need to do smaller changes when you’re getting frustrated with bigger projects?  Does anybody else put pretty band-aids on things until they can get around to fixing the actual issue?

Side note – I’m not paid or perked by One Kings Lane to mention them in this post.  I just wanted to throw out a source for you guys to find things.  However, if you sign up for their emails through the link provided, I do get a credit on my account that I can use toward purchasing more fabulous things from them.

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